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[One Piece] Chisana's secret :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 30 40 [TRD] Yukan :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 20 12 [One Piece NG] Aki and Hiroki :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 18 10 [Open Collab] Let's cook for the boys ! :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 14 28 [One Piece] Merry Christmas ! :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 21 16 [Gift] Happy Birthday Charlotte ! :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 16 3 [One Piece NG] Vinsmoke family :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 15 8 [One Piece] Gold :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 26 30 [One Piece] Fuyu :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 14 8 [One Piece] it's time for the Sting :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 12 3 [One Piece] Chisana's outfit part 3 :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 12 24 [Ask me ] N*3 :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 12 2 [Collab] Little garden :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 13 4 [One Piece] Misu :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 17 14 [Ask me ] N*2 :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 15 11 [Ask me ] N*1 :iconlast-goddess:last-goddess 10 3


you guys are the best
hi again you probably are tired of seeing stuff from me but this time its mostly about you guys and how much i love you guys :'3
So you guys probably already know that i really love and appreciate all of you. every single one of my friends put up with my constant status and art posts and you guys know that I love to get your opinion on stuff ( obviously from my annoying amount of polls XD ) but I feel like i have been doing that for not a very good reason and that is validation on my art and being to focused on being good enough. well I realized that even though i should believe  in myself and want to draw to better myself Its also kinda selfish. I should not be doing it for myself but the whole point of being given such a wonderful gift is to make others happy with my art. There is nothing better to me than when I see someone smile because of my stuff. And thats what I want to achieve to make others feel good seeing my pieces and to use my gift to help others. 
you guys made
:iconladyoftheforesthaven:Ladyoftheforesthaven 4 27
Aconit :iconb-eni:B-eni 38 21 [ONE PIECE-COLLAB]~Reiya with Rin :iconamxna:Amxna 15 4 [RPC/Oc/GIF] Blush - One Piece :iconoshanxumi:OshanxUmi 23 8 [ONE PIECE OC] Good Memories... :iconrosiiechan:RosiieChan 29 17 [ONE PIECE OC] New Erika's Outfit for Drum Arc ! :iconrosiiechan:RosiieChan 32 17 drunk bae :iconandrellassaurus:AndrellassauruS 23 4 Baby Nelson :iconladyoftheforesthaven:Ladyoftheforesthaven 4 0 Addy eats a weird plant :iconladyoftheforesthaven:Ladyoftheforesthaven 9 4 Charlotte's wanted poster- After Arlong Park :iconcharlenerosette:CharleneRosette 15 37 [RPC/Oc] Film Gold - One Piece :iconoshanxumi:OshanxUmi 16 3 [ONE PIECE OC] Shit, where are them? :iconrafaelxavier2:rafaelxavier2 9 4
Uses of my bases - August 2016, January 2017
"You lazy fuck, you."
Yes, I know, shuddup.
Soooo, here!! I bring you, all the uses of my bases since august, so far!
NOW, it's been a long time sisnce I haven't done this and my memory is terrible, so if you worked with one of my bases and you are not featured here, please let me know! so I can put you on the list.
Another thing!! if you don't really aprecciate being featured monthly everytime you use one of my bases, let me know so I can stop tagging you! you, ugrateful little bass-turd but fret not, my mere mortals. You are not banned for life. You can still ask me to feature you again whenever you like.
Now, I must say I'm impressed with your work, people! you put so much effort on working with my bases and that makes me so happy :iconspazhugplz: 
I'm thinking about choosing the piece of work I like the most every month and reward the maker with
:iconraurenred:RaurenRed 7 41
Time Skip Screenshot :iconladyoftheforesthaven:Ladyoftheforesthaven 13 13 [OC OP A.T] Ninjin :iconxthundy:xThundy 16 8 [One Piece Screenshot] Aw poor Zoro :iconcharlenerosette:CharleneRosette 21 14




I am back guys from my trip ! But my I haven't got my computer so I can't post something.. sorry :x
[One Piece] Chisana's secret
OHAYO !Je suis contente de revenir avec cette image qui m'a pris une éternité Lovely Shoujo (Total shock) [V4]  2 semaines voir 3... C'est un style très différent de ce que je fais..
Alors a votre avis quel peut être ce secret que nous ne devons pas savoir ;D

OHAYO ! I am so happy to see you again with this new picture that took me an eternity Lovely Shoujo (Total shock) [V4]  2 weeks maybe 3... It's a different style...
So as far as you are concerned what is the secret that we don't know ;D

Base: Nami x Sanji
One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
Chisana by me
[TRD] Yukan
Voilà l'un de mes OC de ma fiction originale, une pure badass c'est l'une de mes petites favorites d'ailleurs ! Je la trouve sublime :3 Dites moi ce que vous en pensez !

This is one of my OC from my original story, she is a pure badass and one of my favorite also ! I find her beautiful :3 Tell me what you think !

Base: Nico Robin
All by me
[One Piece NG] Aki and Hiroki
Ohayo ! Alors comment vous dire qu'ils sont juste ADORABLE  *O* Je les adore c'est mes petits bébé Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1]  Donc on retrouve Aki la fille de Sanji et Chisana dans la salle de bain en compagnie de Hiroki OC de la belle ace1815 ! Je suis plutôt contente du résultat j'avais peur de rater Hiroki mais il est plutot sexy Kofuku Ebisu (Fangirling) [V1]      J'espère que vous aimez !

Ohayo ! So how to say that they are just BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER *O* I love them they are my little babies Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] So they are Aki the daughter of Sanji and Chisana in the bathroom with Hiroki the OC of the preey ace1815 !  I am proud of the result, I was afraid to miss Hitoki but he is sexy finallyKofuku Ebisu (Fangirling) [V1]  I hope you like it !

Base: Nami & Sanji
Hiroki by  ace1815
Aki by me
One piece by Eiichiro Oda
[Open Collab] Let's cook for the boys !
Ohayo ! J'avais bien envie de faire un Open Collab pour noel ! Donc, Chisana et votre OC sont en plein préparatif pour noel, elles ont décider de faire une petite surprise à leurs petits amis. Elles décident donc de faire un gâteau, elle se racontent ce qu'elles vivent avec eux. Vous pouvez faire un dialogue. Merci ! ~
Voilà le dossier Sai:

Ohayo ! I wanted to make an Open Collab for Christmas! So, Chisana and your OC are in the midst of preparing for Christmas, they decided to make a little surprise to their boyfriends. They decide to make a cake, they tell each other what they live with them. You can make a dialogue. Thank you ! ~
Here the Sai

Base: Nami & Robin
One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
Chisana by me
(Please read this before you start: The Remaining Days)
(Sorry for my bad english but if they're something you don't understand don't hesitate to ask me)

The day is rather cloudy, it is even foggy. It never promises anything good, with the fog Sena can not see anything. She lives in a city away from everything on the highest point of the village. As it is Sunday the girl takes care of the kitchen garden of her grandmother who is too eager to do so. The thick white cloud covering the ground prevents him from seeing his house. She hates this feeling, the unknown.

The soil is so polluted that it has become impossible to grow without pesticides. Bio does not exist anymore. Some fruits and vegetables are no longer cultivable. It is hard enough of this memory at that time.

Ah! Grandmother looks at the TV, she can hear it so far. The poor woman is a little deaf. Grandma is a bit old-fashioned. She does not want to be treated and change her implant. She finds that "it's part of the cycle of life and we don't have to change it ". She had lived a childhood where it did not exist yet, it is quite recent. The implants detect the disease and destroy it from the inside. Doctors are no longer even useful.

The TV no longer produces the sounds.

It does not happen often. The general screen is switched on. It is a kind of very large television that appears in the sky. It allows anyone to see and hear important information. Sena releases her tools very attentive to what is going to be said. The president of the council appears in his impeccable costume, black and white, clean and smooth.

-Hello, Good evening. This is information of the utmost importance that concern you. So listen well. Kids and adults. Women and men. The planet is overcrowded. This is undeniable. The council and I have decided on a radical reform that will help our beautiful planet to regain her splendor of yesteryear. We will organize a game where the people are the star. You're in the limelight. Of course, it is important to keep a cohesive, that is why we are excluded from the reform. We are indispensable. The goal is ...

Kill to live.

1 by last-goddess

The man bit his lip. Did he refrain from smiling?

-The rules are simple. There are not any. Kill whomever you want, when you want with any method. Morality no longer has any meaning from this day. Now you have a deadline that will show up on your chest at the end of this speech. If it expires, the birth implant will cause you to explode. To increase this number you simply add it up with that of the person you murder. Understand, this is not a purge. When the number of habitants has fallen, we will stop the massacre. This message will pass during the whole day for the good understanding of each one. Good game.

And it disappeared to reappear the second after. " Hello Good evening. This is.. "

For a moment her gaze remained stuck on the grave face of this monster. Then he was attracted by a strange blue light coming from her chest. There was a sharp pain in her neck, which she touched by reflex. The number 1 appeared, she rubbed the breast stupidly as if it had been a spot. But nothing did. Her first reaction was panic. Then she thinks of the children, so fragile and naive. The elderly, defenseless and .. Grandmother!

The damned fog had not disappeared and it prevented her from seeing where she was going. She stumbled many times before entering her house. She found her grandfather sitting in the sofa with this same 1 .

-Granny you saw? It's a joke ?! What day is it ? Why do you have it too? We have to go! Make your luggage go!

The old woman grabbed her little girl's arm as calmly as she could.

-I'm not going anywhere. I can not leave this house. It is far too many memories of ..

Sena cut her off.

-Do not say nonsense! I'll find a nice place where no one will find us. We will live normally and ... and ...

- Life no longer makes sense from today. We have to survive. You understand ? A woman my age can not kill.

Suddenly the redhead's face flushed with tears.

-I can not kill either ..

-You're going to live, whatever the situation. You will find a solution because you are the most courageous and resourceful girl I know. You hear me ? You're going to live for me and your parents. Remember where you come from and you can do what the heart forbids doing.

The girl fell into tears in her grandmother's arms. She cried as loudly as a child. The lady removed the flower that bound her long gray hair to wedge it in those of her little girl.

-The lotus. Symbol of perseverance. It grows when it sells, when it snows. It adapts and remains as beautiful as strong. Like you Sena.

As she listened attentively to her grandmother's speech of her beloved grandmother she heard the door open. In panic she had not closed behind her.

- Here live an old woman and her little girl. They are easy prey.


-Go away ! Rise up! Hide !

She was about to leave when she was detained.

-Fight. Agree ?

She was still ready to cry but she restraint not to show her weakness. She wheedle her for a long time before running to take refuge in her room. The widow would have chosen a natural death. But it was even better to sacrifice for a bud. The intruders saw the faded flower and did not hesitate to tear out its last petal. With calm and repose she died.

Sena heard only the sound of the mass sinking into the flesh. Not a cry. It had become completely silent. In silent crying she cleared her wardrobe of her clothes and hid there. She choked herself so that the murderers would not hear her. She would have liked to strike them, to scream, to take revenge on the world for having killed her selfishly.

They went up the stairs. At each door they met the screws fell so that the door yields and falls heavily on the ground. They had big tools to make her make such a noise. Fear made her suffer. Her belly twisted as her heart stabbed her. They had passed the bathroom, will be grandmother's room then her own. She quickly examined the situation. The only thing that could serve as a weapon was the bar where the hangers were hung. By removing it she bumped into the walls.

-Stay here, I'll see in the next room I heard noise.

The first man left the room to visit her room. She stuck to the opening of the cupboard and saw him.

-Where do you hide little mouse? Your grandmother is looking for you, we just want to bring you to her.

Inside she was bubbling. How could he talk about her? HOW?

He watched every corner. Her eyes met those of Sena. A cold sweat ran through her back. When he approached she could see blood on his big hairy hands. She could not bear it, and the 2 on his chest could not hold her back. She took the iron bar and threw herself on the fiftieth anniversary. She struck him so hard that the cylinder deformed. He had first vaguely debated, then his body did not answer when she pounded her brain. When the hatred that had taken hold of her fell back she took a step back to see the damage. It was now the blood of this man who was trying her hands. And her 1 had become 3. She had taken two lives for her survival. That of this individual and that of her grandmother. Devastated she fell to the ground and struck the lifeless body of this stranger with bare hands.


-All good  ? I heard ..

The one who had just entered was younger than his deceased friend. His eyes widened as he saw him inert beside her.

-YOU .. I'll mudrder you!

He took her by her hair to raise her head.

"You'll pay for killing him!"

Sena did not want to know, in physical and moral pain she let herself do. She was ready to die to join her. She will dispute her surely for not having fought but so much the worse.

He took his knife ready to slit her throat. She closed her eyes, ready to receive her sentence. But .. What does he expect? He let go of her hair. So she opened her eyes. The one who was supposed to free her from the weight of life collapsed, dead. Behind her stood another young man with brown hair, sword in hand. His weapon was simply impressive, she had never seen any similar. The blood on the blade made it shine. She developed a strange admiration for this object.

-Everything is fine ? You can get up ?

There was already a 10 on the chest of this stranger. Sena refused to take the hand that the reaper gave her. She did it very well all by herself.

-Ah .. uh .. Sorry to land like this at your home. I'm doing my job.

His job ? Oh yes .. From today killing was commonplace.

-Go out to speak you want?

-Out of questions I follow anyone!

-I'm Shinrai. Here. Now I'm no longer anybody.

-No ! I stay at home..

-Very good..Good luck with the next!

-The next ? No wait for me!

The redhead caught up with him. As they descended the stairs he passed his hands on Sena's eyes.

2 by last-goddess

-What !

-You do not know her? So I advise you to keep your eyes closed if you want to keep a good image. They did not do any clean work if you want my opinion.

She stopped speaking by biting her cheeks. She clearlly know who was ''her''. She let herself be guided by this man and once outside discovered that the mist had disappeared.

-Sena right?


-What do we do now?

-We ?

-What? You're not going alone? Yes ?

-I did intend to stay here.

He burst into laughter.

-To live 3 days to grow vegetables? And again ... If you do not get killed before.

- I do not know ... I'm lost. How can you be so responsive and ready?

- You have to be. Otherwise you get eaten. Be you undergo be you put the blows. Ah! And take a weapon you will need.

-I did not say I was coming! But hey .. I really can not wait and die here.

She was going to enter his house again, but Shinrai stopped him.

-You have a short memory .. I'll get what you need. Just tell me where I can find your weapon.

-It's not like I hid swords in my drawers. Take my bracelet. It is in the dresser of my kitchen with arrows.

-OK ! Do not die in the meantime.

She whispered. What had she embarked on? While she was waiting for her, she looked at the door that was moving. Was it the wind or her grandmother who called her for dinner? She had a doubt. She observed the familiar landscape she saw for the last time. She thought of the children, the invalids, the fearfull like her. They all had to be dead, where hidden ready to explode. What kind of chimera was the government to create such a horrible game? She would have liked to know.

-I'm here !

He had come back with his bracelet, arrows and a packed backpack.

- I dream of sting stuff without my chords!

-Oh sorry .. You prefer to starve maybe?

She did not answer.

-The adventure awaits us Sena.

- Adventure? I would rather have said war.

- Rejoice! I'm trying to make it more fun.

He was certainly the idiot to cheer him up. She smiled a little.

-Youhou .. I'm too happy.

-Shishishi let's go!

She cast a last remorseful glance at the little house which sheltered several corpses. She promised herself to fight.


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